Nettiger Service Group
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What We Do ?

We are commited in helping our clients:

  • Establish strength in the marketplace
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Significantly improve sales and profits

We are focused in the following industries and sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Consumer Products
  • Fashion (Textile and Apparel)
  • Restaurant/ Food & Beverage        
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Entertainment
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • International Trade
  • Investment
  • Real Estate
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Our management teams are hands on, industry experts who understand the multi-cultural business environment around them.   They know the ins and outs of their own regions and on local issues.  They can provide the best solutions for you and your company.  If you want best possible solutions for your business, begin talking to the best people in the business at and get them working for you.

Peter Lee
Co-Founder and Group Managing Director
Peter is a co-Founder and Managing Director of Nettiger, Canada and leads the company's businesses in the America regions. Peter is an IT specialist with over ten years of relevant experience in information technology consulting in Toronto.  Prior to entering the consulting field, Peter had numerous years of experience in senior management roles in the hospitality industry.  With more than 15 years in the International Trade and ICT industry, he brings a wealth of expertise to his clients. He’s a whizz at coming up with creative ways to meet our client’s needs.  He provides consulting, training and web tools to achieve business results at client organizations.

Mabel Lee
Group Marketing Director
Mabel understands the challenges of both global corporate and small business environments, with over 15 years of marketing communications and branding experience. Her background includes both the private and public sector, where she was responsible for the company’s Asia Pacific & global market planning and development.

Her expertise spans from developing and analyzing business plans and marketing strategies, web design, creative concept, online web marketing, SEO optimization,  to helping organizations review their account management planning. She has worked on a number of rebranding and corporate positioning programmers and has taken numerous new products and propositions to market. She specializes in marketing & communications and branding.  She is a marketing expert with hands on skills and knowledge and is able to tackle projects from both the strategic and tactical aspects.

Mabel has worked on projects all over the world, applying her knowledge of marketing in different cultures.  As a qualified marketer, her skills support businesses to achieve their professional goal.


Chi Wai Lee
Managing Director
Chi Wai has over 16 years of Projects & Special Event Project Management and understands the ins and outs of event managements. Chi Wai is also one of the top local martial arts performer in Toronto and is experienced in the project management of all aspect of the entertainment Industry. Chi Wai is part of the original founding team at Nettiger Service Group and focus on integrating the business and event management and production aspects of the business.

John Knight
Co Founder & Director, Hong Kong
John has over 21 years of experience in the F & B Sector ranging from Fine Dining to Alternative Selections that includes American, Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Healthy Food and Fast Food.  John’s solid background in concept & franchise development and consultant for both the Tourism & Hospitality sector. John has a proven track record and an ability to coordinate all aspects of developing new concepts. John is the member of the Hospitality & Management Club in Canada, attended the cooking school of Umbria and is a qualified Teppanyaki style chef.

His strong forward thinking had enabled John in many adventurous business concepts.  In 1995, together with another partner, John brought to Hong Kong the Panther Technology Concept (Right Hand Drive General Motor Vehicles. John is part of the original multi-tasked founding team at Nettiger Service Group and focuses on the developing all future operations of the business.

Marie House
Managing Director, North Asia
No one knows International Hospitality Operations and Management like Marie. With over 24 years of international hospitality industry experience and 14 years in Senior Management, she’s has proven her broad based strengths and accomplishments in the hotel, FMCG, Fortune 100 companies that she had worked for around the Asia Pacific. On top of that, she has a track record in leadership skills with excellent results in improving overall performance, driving revenue, and creating profit growth. Her expertise in P & L Management, planning & budgeting management, including, quality & cost control, team building/motivation, sales/business development and analysis had made her an invaluable assets to our clients.


Ed Lee
Director & Founder, China
Ed is one of the original Co-Founder of Standard Global Ltd and the International Sales Director of Nettiger.  Ed’s responsibility is to lead the company's business strategy in China.   He has over twenty years of Senior Sales Management experience in the automobile industry and worked for the China’s Sole Distributor of General Motors.  Always a hands-on as a Sales Director, Ed has recruited and managed a large sales team to exceed their targets and drive revenue growth in competitive business-to-business environments.  As well, in 1995 he brought the Panther Technology Concept (Right Hand Drive General Motor Vehicles to Hong Kong with his partner.

In the past ten years, he worked as a Strategic Management Consultant in the international trade & investment industries.  He has worked with companies on the critical issues and operations related to developing business ventures in China.  As a strategic management consultant, he works closely with the a team of experts to design strategies for joint venture management, cross-border outsourcing, human resources development, manufacturing and sales training.

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