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What We Do ?

We are commited in helping our clients:

  • Establish strength in the marketplace
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Significantly improve sales and profits
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What We Do


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• June 2010
May 2009

Our Service

  • Strategic Marketing Consulting Services
  • Business Consulting Services
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing/  SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Online/Internet Marketing Services
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Brochure and Print Design
  • Request a Free Web Development Proposal
  • Request a Free Marketing Proposal
  • Strategic management
  • HR – Hiring and screening process
  • Vendor Management
  • Creative Concept
  • Branding and Promotions

We make immediate contributions towards your company's strategic business objectives and can cost effectively provide you as broad or narrow a scope of services as your situation requires.

Concept Development
Forward Thinking analysis for repositioning your business to keep in line with market trends. Developing pre-opening and existing business strategies to improve operations, image, marketing and expansion. Improve your company’s profitability and market awareness by streamlining operations and improving overall cash flow.

Food Service Design
Technical kitchen design and operational flow planning and design for all types of foodservice concepts and segments (five star gourmet restaurants to commercial high volume line production, coffee shop to fast casual).  Menu research and development to full design development and construction documents including detailed plans, MEP and equipment schedule.

Brand Experience Design
Brand performance is critical and everything you must reinforce who you are as a company. MCG develops operational plans utilising proven systems and standards to increase management effectiveness and create brand interfaces and touch points, including: operational procedures (handbooks & service manuals, standards and operational checklist, policies and procedures), branding exercises, point of purchase, space design and manpower planning.

Project Management
From concept inception to critical path, MCG can play a vital role bringing your new operation online. We have solid experience every step of the way from small and large investments from under $1 million in capital start-up to over $55 million dollar hospitality construction projects. Dependent on your required scope of work, concept development and project management require time estimates.  Our sole intention is undertaking any project is to deliver service that genuinely provide benefit to you. Toward this ene, we will tell the truth and take a common sense approach to the engagement.

Strategic Growth Planning
Is your business ready for growth? We assess your current business to determine if the brand’s market place coupled with its systems and process are mature for expansion. Further, MCG provides analysis on which vehicle is right for you: private equity, franchise formats (area development to market partner) or corporate cash flow.

Brand Management
Brand Management and Compliance – top tier brands, both corporate and franchise systems, recognize the direct link between creating a designed consistent customer experience with value then generating loyalty with ensuring advocacy and revenue.  Your brand must be consistently execute the designed systems, process, and interfaces that deliver the designed customer experiences including service, product, quality, cleanliness, facility and asset maintenance, brand identity, graphics/signage compliance and marketing and customer loyalty/frequency programs. The MCG platform analyse quality assurance vertically and horizontally throughout your organsiation.

Customer experience management – the long term profitability and growth of your company is determined by the quality of customer experience you provide. Your customer dictates your company’s sustainable competitive advanctage. MCG focuses on the experience of customer and how those experiences influence their behaviour. Depending on how that experience unfolds, either positively or negatively, customer will alter their behaviour in ways that will impact their individual profitability to the company. CEM pulls customer data into the company – customer centric.

CRM – Customer relationship management – the long-term customer relationship and loyalty is the direct result of successful experience management – the customer connectivity point. Once established, the on-going relationship requires brand contact points and customer interface. MCG tracks brand preferences and behaviours so exisiting and present customers will become more valuable to the company. CRM pushes company information to the customer – company centric.

Talent Acquisition
MCG networks to cull proven industry leaders from GM to CEO who will drive your company towards its goals.  Our process is about quality not volume of candidates. Engaged on a contingency basis, our steps involve job description review, position expectation discovery via hiring manager interviews, job profile creation and interview process coordination. IN addition, we offer advice on selection and suitable benefit packages that fit departmental budgets.

Organisation Development
Development organsiation structure, job descriptions, training and innovative employee development programs to improve morale, lower turnover rtes, and improve consistent customer service.  Provide detailed job list and descriptions for each position, along with inter-company performance evaluations for management and staff.

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